John introduced today's speaker, David Carey, Leadership Trainer at his company CareyFoward.David Carey is a certified life coach who believes in the transformative power of thinking outside box and embracing change. With over 30 years of experience in the social service sector, a master's degree in leadership, certification in emotional intelligence, and ACC designation with ICF - David is more than qualified to inspire inner change. David was here to talk to us about emotional intelligence.  Dave is a Rotarian who belongs to the Passport Club.
Emotional intelligence is becoming very important in industry.  We don’t shut off our emotions at work.  Success in business today is 15% technology and 85% emotional intelligence. 
Emotional intelligence is the capacity to use information furnished by our emotions in a manner appropriate to our daily challenges.
There are five components, and knowing yourself and how these components work together, helps your leadership capability. 
1.  Self perception:  This can be distorted, and many people pretend successfully to be a certain way.  It’s not who you are that holds you back, but rather who you think you are.
2.  Self expression:  This helps to overcome fear and anxiety.
3.  Interpersonal skills:  This can foster strong external networks.
4:  Decision making:  The Ladder of Inference by Peter Senge is an interesting concept.  We need to make sure that our decisions are based on reality.
5.  Stress Management:  Voluntary turnover has a huge cost.  In the USA in 2019 it was estimated at more than $600 Billion.  People don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad managers.  Stress is our response to what happens and can be chosen.
Concluding:  E.I. has more to do with our success than I.Q.
Tamas thanked our speaker with a virtual loaf of bread.