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Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston

The Courier

December 4th, 2018
We meet every Tuesday 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Please join us at Renaissance Event Venue, 285 Queen Street, Kingston ON

The Rotary Four Way Test

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned

Rotary Reflection

For food in a world where many walk in hunger
For peace in a world where many walk in fear
For friends in a world where many walk alone
And for the opportunity to serve others through Rotary,
May we be truly thankful!

The Loyal Toast 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Canada!

Acknowledgement of Territory

We are gathered on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. we are grateful to be able to join together in Rotary Fellowship on these lands.
Dec 04, 2018 7:00 AM
Arnold Lawrence - My Life in Rotary Service
Dec 18, 2018
A Life in Rotary Service
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Meeting Report November 27th, 2018



Guests of Club: Vicki Keith, Norman Guntensperger, John McKay, Mae Whalen, Janza Giangrosso, Kathryn Porter, Juliane May, Bev Woodcock, Sandy Dodds, Peter Gower

Youth Exchange: Maya Bergerson, Alan Macdonald

Guest of Robert Reid: On'a'got'tay

Hakim Subair

Visiting Rotarians

(correction, visiting Rotarian November 20th: Hajra Wilson is a member for the D7040 Passport Club, which meets monthly online.)


Rick Fiedorec, Greg Mumford, Michelle Chatten Fiedorec, Ed Thompson, Ana Sutherland: Auction Fulfilment

Greta du Bois: Centennial Meeting

Member Sharing

Fun Fines (Ron Pols)

President Rick was fined for being especially unruly this morning. John Farrow, also for unruly behavior at a recent concert. Last in the door fine went to Martin Thomas.

Happy/Sad Bucks

Ron paid money just to reiterate the details of our Holiday Party. Rick Fiedorec spent the weekend delivering auction envelopes. All went well except that he drove all the way to Tamworth only to find that the person who was the winning bidder on an item hadn’t lived there for several years. Greg Mumford thanked Rick for his efforts, and announced that there are only two successful bidders who haven’t paid yet. Heather Kembel was happy to announce that her aunt just had her 106th birthday and Heather is hoping that it runs in the family. Sigi Scholten celebrated American Thanksgiving with her host father from her own participation in Rotary Youth Exchange many years ago. Terri Hodges is happy to be having a birthday on Friday and will be entering a new decade which she didn’t specify. John Farrow followed suit as he will be celebrating the same thing on Saturday. John and Lori spent a weekend recently at Ste. Anne’s Spa, just to have some needed down time following the auction.

John Farrow needs some volunteers this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.to assist with item pick up at Howard’s office. There may also be a need for the same task on Thursday December 6th.

Katherine Porter, who was here on behalf of H’Art, gave thanks to Michael Savage, who was the Rotarian who nominated her for a Paul Harris Award. She also announced the launch on December 13th, from 2 – 4 p.m., of a new initiative of the Rotary Club of Kingston at Fairmont Homes. Michelle Chatten-Fiedorec thanked Greg and Joan Mumford for hosting the auction wind up party at their home, and also Rick Fiedorec and John Farrow for all they did concerning the fulfillment task. Robert Reid announced the open house tonight for Focus Forward, at the Tett Centre, from 4 – 7 p.m. with a presentation at 6 p.m. This is an organization that we have supported through National Committee funding. Bernie gave a happy buck for being able to keep Sheila away from the emergency department this week. Greta Du Bois announced that the Rotary Friendship Exchange to India is now fully booked. Rick visited St. Lawrence College to see the new addition there.

Club Business

President Elect, Ana Sutherland confirmed that a quorum was present.

Ana made a motion that we change our meeting venue to St. Paul’s Anglican Church Hall. The motion was seconded by Terri Hodges.

In our last meeting, members were provided with information about this move, and the floor was open for any further questions and discussion.

Bernie Allard asked who will be catering the breakfast. This will be The Mermaid Avenue Sandwich Factory to start, a business close to the venue that appears able to provide us with good quality and variety on a catered basis.

John Farrow pointed out that the hall set up will have additional duties, as we will be required to set up the tables and chairs. Rick added that take down will not be necessary. Ana stated that the tables are very light and that she had done this by herself prior to the invitation to members to visit the hall last week. All agreed that it will be important to go back to a formalized duty roster. We will need this duty roster up and running before the second Tuesday in January.

There were no further questions or discussion.

The motion was carried unanimously.

Rick provided a reminder that our last meeting at the Renaissance Event Venue will be on Tuesday December 18th.

The Annual General Meeting of the club will take place next week on December 4th. There are several board positions still open and we also need to have a Sergeant-at-Arms. Nominations are open for President-Elect, Treasurer, Director of Service Projects and Director of Club Service.

Bill Egnatoff made a presentation to Rick of a plaque recognizing our work with and support of the Kingston Regional Heritage Fair.


Ana Sutherland began our meeting with the acknowledgement of territory, and introduced our guests present for the community service committee cheque presentations, as well as Hakeem Subair, guest of Rick Fiedorec, On,a,got,tay, and our exchange student Maya Bergerson. 

President Rick announced that the visitation for Ruth Hicks, Terry’s wife, will be held on Saturday December 1st at 10:00 a.m. at Edith Rankin United Church, with the funeral to follow at 11:00 a.m.

Rick also brought a photo from the Whig Standard with an article that featured On,a,got,tay and our soon to be member Hakim.

The Holiday Party will be held on Tuesday December 11th at the Renaissance Event Venue. We will gather at 6:30 and dinner will be served at 7:00 p.m. It will be a three-course dinner with menu choices that can be made on arrival at your table.  Entertainment by “Perpetual Emotion”. Tickets are $40 pp. Guests, spouses, friends all welcome. John Farrow and Ron Pols will take your money this week and next.

Elizabeth Ruth Hicks Memorial

An uplifting memorial service and reception was held Saturday December 1 to remember and celebrate the life of Terry's wife Ruth. Our thoughts go out to Terry and his family.

Death of John Mayhew (from Chris Seeley, Secretary, RC of Napanee)

Cynthia Surette, in communication with Joyce Mayhew was informed in the passing of John, while a patient of KGH, this weekend.

Wartman Funeral Homes are handling the arrangements for John's funeral.

The family are planning "A Celebration of Life", later in December (perhaps the 27 or the 28th of December).

John had requested that "Rankin Inlet", the food bank be the charity that he would like to be recognized in his memory.

Our thoughts go out to his wife, Joyce and his family at this time.

Meeting notes by Elizabeth Cohoe
C-K Rotary Presents Grants to Local Organizations November 27, 2018

The meeting program for November 27, 2018 was the presentation of cheques totalling $17,720 to seven organizations who submitted grant proposals this fall, and also to one organization (Lunch by George) that we have been supporting annually for a number of years.

Rotarian Terri Hodges coordinated the adjudication process from start to finish, beginning with the posting of information documents on the club website, receiving grant proposals submitted, distributing these to all of our club members, organizing and chairing the adjudication meeting to which all members are invited, and today being the culmination of that process with the presentation of cheques to successful applicants.

Elizabeth Cohoe, director of service projects was on hand to assist Terri, and began the proceedings by thanking all of our club members who participated in any of the fund-raising events, including the auction, the nut drive, bingos, and cash calendar sales.


John Mckay, Pipe Major for the Kingston Police Pipe Band accepted a cheque for $4,260 that will assist the work they are doing at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of Kingston.
Sandi Dodds and Bev Woodcock were on hand to accept a cheque for $2,000 for The Mess, to help with necessary kitchen renovations. Although the proposal was submitted by The Mess, the improvements will also help The Kingston Street Mission, and Special Sunday Night Suppers that are provided from the same kitchen in Gill Hall of St. Andrew’s Church.
Mae Whalen accepted a cheque for $1,967 for Music Mates, a program that uses music to help people with intellectual challenges to communicate.
Peter Gower was on hand to accept our cheque for $2,500, which will assist funding of Lunch by George.
Norm Guntensperger, of Polson Park School was given a cheque for $2,993. This has since been matched by the Limestone Learning Foundation. Our money will assist the school in setting up a ukulele orchestra for the students, as some of their families cannot afford to provide them for their children.
Janza Giangrosso, accepted a cheque for $500 for Loughborough Public School to finish creating an outdoor learning space with additional landscaping stones.
Vicki Keith, Coach of the Y Penguins, a swim program for kids with physical disabilities, accepted a cheque for $2,000.
Katherine Porter and Julie-Ann May were presented with a cheque for $1,500 to assist the H’Art School to provide bleacher seating in “The Box” which is a performance area within the school complex.

When the floor was returned to President Rick, he added, “Ukuleles Rock”!

Bingo Schedule

Schedule June 2018 - March 2019

ThursdayJuly 05. 20186:00 PMJohn FarrowElizabeth Cohoe
ThursdayJuly 05, 20188:00 PMDoug TownsendBill Egnatoff
ThursdayJuly 19. 20186:00 PMHoward LeeMartin Thomas
ThursdayJuly 19, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecMurray Cotton
ThursdayAug 02, 20186:00 PMBill EgnatoffTerri Hodges
ThursdayAug 02, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecGreg Mumford
ThursdayAug 30, 201810:00 PMJohn RichardsTerri Hodges
ThursdaySept 06, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecPatty LeCollier
ThursdaySept 06, 201810:00 PM
John Farrow
Greg Mumford
ThursdaySept 20, 20186:00 PMRobert ReidMurray Cotton
ThursdaySept 20, 20188:00 PMHoward LeeRick Fiedorec
ThursdayOct 04, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecHoward Lee
ThursdayOct 04, 201810:00 PMJohn FarrowRick Fiedorec-->Biill Egnatoff
ThursdayOct 25, 20186:00 PMTerri HodgesGreg Mumford
ThursdayOct 25, 20188:00 PMDoug TownsendMurray Cotton
ThursdayNov 01, 20186:00 PMHeather KembelElizabeth Cohoe
ThursdayNov 01, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecGreg Mumford
ThursdayNov 15, 20186:00 PMElizabeth CohoeJohn Richards
ThursdayNov 15, 20188:00 PMRick FiedorecRobert Reid
ThursdayDec 13, 20186:00 PMElizabeth CohoeJohn Richards
ThursdayDec 13, 20188:00 PMDoug TownsendMurray Cotton
ThursdayDec 27, 20186:00 PMJohn Farrow 
ThursdayDec 27, 20188:00 PMBill Egnatoff 
ThursdayJan 03, 20196:00 PM
Robert Reid
Howard Lee
ThursdayJan 10, 20196:00 PMHeather Kembel 
ThursdayJan 10, 20198:00 PM  
ThursdayJan 24, 20196:00 PMJohn Richards 
ThursdayFeb 07, 20196:00 PMRobert ReidHoward Lee
ThursdayFeb 07, 20198:00 PMTerri Hodges 
ThursdayFeb 28, 20196:00 PM  
ThursdayFeb 28, 20198:00 PM  
ThursdayMar 14, 20198:00 PM  
ThursdayMar 14, 201910:00 PM  
ThursdayMar 28, 20196:00 PMRobert ReidHeather Kembel
ThursdayMar 28, 20198:00 PM
Murray Cotton
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