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Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston

The Courier

July 10, 2018
We meet every Tuesday 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Please join us at Renaissance Event Venue, 285 Queen Street, Kingston ON

The Rotary Four Way Test

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned

Rotary Reflection

For food in a world where many walk in hunger
For peace in a world where many walk in fear
For friends in a world where many walk alone
And for the opportunity to serve others through Rotary,
May we be truly thankful!

The Loyal Toast 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Canada!

Acknowledgement of Territory

We are gathered on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. we are grateful to be able to join together in Rotary Fellowship on these lands.
Jul 10, 2018
News from Toronto 2018 - The Rotary International Convention
Jul 17, 2018 7:00 AM
Interactions Between Law Enforcement and the Mentally Ill.
Jul 31, 2018 7:15 AM
Fighting Invasive Species on Wolfe Island with Ducks Unlimited
Sep 04, 2018
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Editor's Notes

This version of the Courier is the second produced using the ClubRunner Bulletin system. It contains a link to the Bingo Schedule. Continue to expect improvements with versions to come. Your suggestions are welcome.
Bill Egnatoff

Meeting Report July 3, 2018

Editor's Note: Thank you again, Elizabeth Cohoe, for the meeting notes.


Visiting Rotarians were introduced by President Elect Ana Sutherland.  There were a large number in attendance as part of the Rotary Friendship Exchange.
Riana Pretorius, from Rotary Club of Pretoria - Capital; Miriam and Roger Dymond, from Rotary Club of Johannesburg East; Catharine Maxhe, Rotary Club of Johannesburg 101 South; Carole and Godfrey Went, Rotary Club of Louis Teichardt, Colleen van Reenen, Rotary Club of Pretoria Hatfield; Jarred van den Westhuzen, Rotary Club of Waterkloof; Jean Myburgh, Rotary Club of Pretoria Hatfield; Timothy Bannister, Rotary Club of Arushu, Tanzania.
Following their introduction, Ana outlined the remaining program in which the Friendship Exchange will be participating.
We also had visiting Rotarians from Edmonton who were visiting the area following the Rotary International Convention in Toronto.  Roman Bayrock and Sandra McDonald are members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview.
Rotarians from other local clubs included Dave Hallett, Rotary Club of Kingston Waterfront; and Carol Cartier, Pete Burrell, and Jim Vowles from the Rotary Club of Kingston.


none reported

Banner Exchange

A Rotary Club banner exchange followed, with each of the eight clubs from South Africa.  Rick also presented a banner to the two members of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Riverview.



John Farrow, acting as Fun Master, fined everyone who was not at the recent Rotary International Convention, as well as anyone who did not host a visiting Rotarian following the convention. 

Happy and Sad Bucks


Happy Bucks followed.  Rick Fiedorec expressed happiness at having seventeen guests present at our meeting.  He was also excited about a new shirt he had been presented with. It was pointed out to Rick that being a dark color, it shouldn’t show the food stains. Bill Egnatoff was very happy about his experience at the RI Convention, where he learned a lot, especially at the Club Runner Booth. He was also happy to see the new Rotary year kick off with so many guests. Greta du Bois was happy about having the Rotary visitors from South Africa. Elizabeth Cohoe was really happy that Bill Egnatoff has told us about the Club Runner App for your phone that automatically generates a complete contact list for the club. This morning Elizabeth was able to use the app to help Howard Lee find his phone by calling it. Bernie was pleased to see the recent article in Kingston This Week, about Adam Jenkins’ micro farming venture, and that Sheila was able to read it.
John slipped in another fine for everyone sitting at the same table as Jarred van den Westhuzen who set a record as the youngest club president in Rotary history, at the age of 21.
John Farrow had a great time at the Rotary International Convention, finding it very inspirational.  There will be a report on that experience next week.  John was also happy to show off his vivid Club Runner socks.
Visiting Rotarian Riana Pretorius was very happy for Ana Sutherland and Greta DuBois, who organized the exchange tour.  Murray Cotton really enjoyed the opportunity that he and John Gale had, to host Rotarians from India, Pakistan and Uganda following the international convention, as it was a chance to meet Rotarians who have been partners with us in international projects. There were also two Rotarians from Philadelphia in that group. John Gale remarked on the fact that the Americans were apologizing to them as Canadians rather than the reverse which is usually the case. Howard Lee’s family celebrated Canada Day together, and were very happy that their dog who ran away during the fireworks, was found safe the next morning. Unfortunately, he has been afraid to go outside ever since.  Terri Hodges enjoyed a trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the Banff area and all she could say about that was, “Wow”.  Dave Hallett enjoyed attending the international convention where he met about 30 fellow Shelter Box Rotarians.  He added that it is always nice to return to this Rotary Club once in a while.
Jim Vowles, from the Rotary Club of Kingston, took a moment to welcome the delegates from South Africa. He presented each visitor with a copy of the 2018 Rotary Cash Calendar.
Jim also let everyone know that the 2019 calendars should be ready for sale in September. This is a very good fund raiser as the selling club makes $10 from each one sold.  Jim also let our members know that we can make $5 per ticket sold for the August 28th evening at the 1000 Islands Playhouse in Gananoque.

Speaker Introduction: Friendship Exchange Guests


Ana Sutherland, who did a great deal of the organizing for the Friendship Exchange, thanked everyone who helped out with that.  Stay tuned for further developments about the Rotary Friendship Exchange, as the next one may be taking place with clubs in India.  Ana went on to introduce the presenters, who were the various Rotarians from South Africa.


Riana Pretorius, who was Assistant Governor for Region 5 of their District 9400, opened the presentations with some interesting slides about their district.  Riana was followed by the participating Rotarians who each showed us some photos of their families at home, and described some of their club projects.  Projects included youth exchange, feeding schemes, an Interact Club, a wheelchair project, a junior quiz, internships for new black African graduates, a life skills project, an HIV care centre, one called Lesotho Outreach, which involves providing blankets and school uniforms and wheelchairs to needy people.  One club is involved in a tree planting project on Earth Day, and a literacy project in a school for disadvantaged children.  Another club is involved in the Rotary Humanitarian Distribution Centre of South Africa.  This organization distributes recycled books, and they usually receive two containers filled with books every month, sent from the USA.  The Rotary Club of Waterkloof is providing a program that teaches robotics to students, and sends the children on trips for training and competitions.




President Rick announced that there will be a presentation about the 2018 Rotary International Convention at next week’s meeting.

The Camp Merrywood Barbeque will take place on July 8th.  Please let Trevor Dagalis, president of the Kingston Rotary Club, know, if you would like to attend.


The weekly draw was won by President Rick Fiedorec.


Bingo Schedule