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Sep 17, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Regular Meeting
Odd Fellows Hall
Sep 24, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Regular Meeting
Odd Fellows Hall
Oct 01, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Regular Meeting
Odd Fellows Hall
Oct 08, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
Regular Meeting
Odd Fellows Hall
Oct 15, 2019
7:00 AM – 8:30 AM
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Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston

The Courier

September 17th, 2019
We meet every Tuesday 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Please join us at Odd Fellows Hall, 218 Concession Street, Kingston ON.

The Rotary Four Way Test

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned

Rotary Reflection

For food in a world where many walk in hunger
For peace in a world where many walk in fear
For friends in a world where many walk alone
And for the opportunity to serve others through Rotary,
May we be truly thankful!

The Loyal Toast 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Canada!

Acknowledgement of Territory

We are gathered on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. we are grateful to be able to join together in Rotary Fellowship on these lands.
Sep 17, 2019 7:00 AM
Oct 15, 2019 7:00 AM
New Canadians Sharing their Experiences
Oct 22, 2019 7:00 AM
World Polio Day
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Meeting Report September 10th, 2019


The meeting opened with the singing of the National Anthem and acknowledgement of territory.
Guests: Jim Rymerson, guest of Greg Mumford
Friends of Rotary: Zoe Mackenzie
Visiting Rotarians: None this week
Service Commitments (Makeups):Greta Dubois - Centennial Committee; Murray Cotton - Bingo; Bernie Allard - Kingston Waterfront.

Member Sharing

Fun Master - Elizabeth Cohoe

September 8th was Grandparents Day, pay a buck if you're NOT a grandparent (or a happy buck for some).  September 19th is what?  Talk Like a Pirate Day! Aaarrrr, pay a buck if you didn't know, matey. What Jewish holiday is in September?  Rosh Hashanah.  Name the full moon closest to the autumn equinox?  Harvest moon.  Why does September come from the Latin word for seven?  It was the seventh month of the Roman calendar.  What great fire started September 2nd? London.  Those who didn't read the bulletin for duties, pay a buck.  And Jackie paid for last in.   

Happy/Sad Bucks 

Ed Thompson - his daughter who lives in Nova Scotia was well prepared for the arrival of hurricane Dorian, with gasoline, batteries, and cheesecake.
Rick Fiedorec - great golf game and dinner, also went to Thousand Islands Playhouse to see Ring of Fire
Bernie Allard - his trailer survived Dorian!
Robert Reid - tickets left for the canoe draw, last day, and I have pig and corn roast tickets!
Bill Egnatoff - 11 wonderful days in Newfoundland.  This Friday and Saturday, Matilda is playing at the Grand, and Bill is in the band.  Also Adventures in History.
Ana Sutherland - Oliver and I harvested pears from their tree and you can have some.
Elizabeth Cohoe
September 30th is the firm deadline for Community Grants
Michelle Chatten-Fiedorec (from last week)
PDG Jack Troughton has passed away on August 12th.  There will be a service at St. Elias Centre in Ottawa on September 24th beginning at 11 a.m.  Bernie Allard will represent our club.
Bill Egnatoff
Adventures in History is in four weeks, and there is a need for billets.  There is still room for six more students, and the program is still based on Youth Justice.  Billets will be for the nights of September 25, 26, 27.  Hosts will provide breakfast and transportation to and from the venue, although if transportation cannot be provided there can be assistance.  There may be over 20 participants, and there are lots of things for club members to do - transport, photography, etc.  Please see Bill.
201 gifts in for the Auction.  Please don't give us gifts all at once, we only have three people posting.  We need to know if you approach new donors.  Greg will crank out a new donor sheet every week so we don't duplicate efforts.  Look to approach new businesses, their donations won't be spent until 2020.  They want exposure.
We obviously have a ways to go on getting more participants.
We’re down on sponsorship over last year, so please speak with people and let us know! Sponsors pay our costs so all revenue from gifts goes to projects. Greg will work with Response IT to get our email list up and running on Mail Chimp for large distributions.
Bill Gray would like other members to approach many of his former donors.  Outside of Bill’s donors, there are a lot of businesses that have participated in the past that are not in yet.  Please send an email to Greg and Ed about any new businesses that are approached.
Rick Fiedorec
Rick reports 26 members are paid up, and several friends of Rotary have also paid.
The bookkeeper is catching things up and will report to the membership soon.

New Friend of Rotary Induction

Membership Chair Rick Frasso and President Ana Sutherland inducted our newest Friend of Rotary, Jim Rymerson.  Jim has been attending the club for a while now and we welcome him as a Friend of Rotary.

President's Announcement

President, Ana Sutherland:
Hakim Subair has been traveling in Africa for his work with One Million Teachers.  Hakim will be at our meeting on September 2oth but then traveling again for a meeting at the United Nations.  He will report on his travels in October.
Our Pathways project continues to attract donations from other District clubs.  One of our roles will to act as mentors for the graduates who need a little guidance in making the decision about further schooling.  There are scholarships available if a graduate from Pathways chooses post-secondary education before age 23.  There will be a meeting facilitated by Pathways for those interested to help set guidelines for mentoring.  The commitment after the training is 4 hours a month for 5 months.
Whiskey and Wine tasting Friday, September 27th in Ottawa, in support of Rotary Home Foundation.  Details provided below.
Ana Sutherland reminded members about the upcoming District Conference that will take place in Clayton NY on Friday and Saturday, November 1st and 2nd.  The early-bird discount has been extended.  This is an important event for networking with other Rotarians in the District.
Heather Nogrady has applied for full membership in the club.  For those of you not yet familiar with Heather, here is a short bio;
Currently, 73 years old, I was born and raised in the Montreal area.  I received my B.Sc. from Sir George Williams University, followed by a Diploma in Education from McGill, and later, my M.Sc. from Concordia University.  I spent the first decade of my career in Education, first teaching High School chemistry, then as a high school Vice Principal of Student Life in an ethnic area of Montreal.
In the early 80s, I found that working as an administrator was not fulfilling and I missed the satisfaction I had derived from teaching.  I had also become interested in the field of Psychology, and so decided to pursue the academic credentials that would take me on that career path.  I returned to school full time and eventually received an M.A. in Applied Psychology from Concordia University, and then moved to Kingston where I received my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. 
After completing my graduate studies at Queen’s, I worked in Private Practices in both Belleville and Kingston.  In 1998, I co-founded and co-owned Kingston West Psychological Services where I practiced until my retirement in 2014.
During my professional career in Kingston, I was a Volunteer Member of the Board of Directors of Bereaved Families of Ontario for seven years and served as Chair of the Professional Advisory Board.
As for my personal history, I was married to Dr. Thomas Nogrady for 39 years until he died in 2009.  We did not have children, though we enjoyed the companionship of our wonderful dogs for many years.
I think it is evident in my Bio that my main interest over my lifetime has been working with people, through teaching and by helping others in a variety of capacities.  As such,  I believe that my professional experience and interests have prepared me well for membership in the Rotary organization.
Comments about this membership proposal should be directed to Membership Chair Rick Frasso.
Upcoming Dates/Events
Sept 15, 2019 Terry Fox Run - 9:30 AM to 1 pm - BBQ Lake Ontario Park 
Sept 25 to Sept 28 Adventures in History
Sept 27 Whiskey and Wine tasting in Ottawa
Sept 30 Orange Shirt Day
Sept 30 Deadline for Nominations for Community Paul Harris Awards
Sept 30 Deadline for Grants applications
Oct 03 Fundraiser for Pathways to Education, 1000 Islands Playhouse, “The New Canadian Curling Club”, tickets $40
Oct 6th Pig and Corn Roast, 3 to 7 pm, Robinson Gardens in support of Project Isthmus
October 23rd, 2019 - Auction Committee meeting at Kingston Dodge 5pm
Oct 24 World Polio Day.
November 1-3, 2019 - District Conference in Clayton New York
Nov 23rd Networking session for new Canadians, Oddfellows Hall - let's introduce these folks to Rotary!
Dec. 10th 2019 Christmas Party - 6:30 pm at Oddfellows Hall
July 19th, 2020 - Rotary Centennial Birthday Party at Rotary Park
June 25th, 2021 - Rotary Anniversary Gala, St. Lawrence College
Chase the Ace!
No winner this week, but Terry Hicks won the $10 again!!!
Meeting notes by John Farrow 
Maggie McLaren, What's New at Dawn House
John Farrow introduced today's speaker, Maggie McLaren, Director of Dawn House.  Maggie has been with Dawn House for 6 years, and ran into John this summer, and was invited to come and give an update on an organization has supported in the past.
Maggie feels she was called to the position because the ad kept coming in through the fax machine at her former job every so often.  After several times she had to apply. Dawn House has been around since 1986, in response to a housing and homelessness crisis in Kingston.  Many women with children who were homeless with children lost those children to CAS.  The Sisters of Providence started Dawn House with seed money, and the goal was to prevent homeless women from losing their children.  The role changed in the 90's and 2000's to help disadvantaged women from Kingston, many of whom had mental health and addiction issues.  Dawn House has since had a passion for working with the most challenged women.  Then in 2015, a new city housing policy concentrating on permanent housing over shelters came into effect.    This policy has not achieved it's goals (a five-year review is coming up), and the homelessness problem for women especially is worse.  We don't see homeless women as much because they try to be invisible for personal safety reasons.  Many homeless women sleep during the day and seek other shelters during the night, or they stay in an unsafe situation because there's no alternative.
The first shelter to lose funding in 2015 was the women's shelter, as the city wanted co-ed shelters, which doesn't work for women who have been abused or harassed.  Dawn House then sold their Victoria Street property and bought the former Bayridge Medical Centre building on Bayridge Drive.  This was a big risk but allowed Dawn House to continue to provide permanent housing, supportive housing, and transitional housing.  Of course the goal is to get women into market housing, which is next to impossible with rates in Kingston, although the city is trying to address the issue.  So Dawn house now has nine apartments, a seven bed transitional shelter, and one emergency bed.  They are also trying to develop other housing options, because they continually get calls from other agencies looking for space.  Dawn House receives no government assistance, getting their money from rents in the apartments, and from charging very low fees for Wi-Fi and laundry.  Much of the money comes from grants, and they are constantly applying for new grants, especially now since a two year Trillium Grant is almost up.
Maggie shared some stories of women who have accessed Dawn House for years.  One was a trafficking victim who was abused and had a daughter taken away.  Her appearance and mannerisms led the staff to suspect a acquired brain injury.  She was in the new transitional beds in 2017, and moved to an apartment.  She was using drugs to deal with trauma, and Dawn House helped her get a place in KGH for an evaluation.  A diagnosis of a rare condition that makes people actually believe they are dead followed.  Meds helped stabilize her mental health, and with support the changes have been dramatic.  She now cooks, cleans, and helps around the building, changed her appearance, and has become a whole new person according to Maggie.
Another women came in in 2017 as well with major anxiety because of a home invasion while living in the Niagara area.  She was attacked by a man in the building she worked in, and was terrified whenever a man was in the facility.  With help she is now able to leave the building or backyard, and continues to make progress.
Dawn House wants to move women from transitional housing after a year maximum, with help to find community housing.  Others need to stay longer, like a woman who was released from prison after ten years.  She resided at Dawn House but moved to an apartment with a roommate this June.  She continues to receive mental health support and is off medication that she receive in prison to keep her docile (a common theme for released prisoners).  There are many more stories that show just how important the work of Dawn House is.  They serve the disabled, seniors, and more.
They main goal is to get women out of the homelessness cycle of shelter to shelter, to build a meaningful life, and recover from whatever took them down the road of homelessness.  The common thread seems to be loneliness - lack of family, lack of comradeship, lack of supports.
In answer to questions, Maggie answered that one goal of the new fundraising is to open another facility, and the other is to provide funds for programming, to avoid funding shortages.  Also, Dawn House works with 16 to 17 women at a time, and have 35 applications that are active.  There were also 35 phone calls received in August from women looking for help.  Mental health assistance is always a challenge, especially with changes to Addictions and Mental Health KFLA which resulted in Kingston losing a psychiatrist.   Dawn House does help its residents manage their medication and keep their various appointments to help them make progress.
Perhaps the most important statement that Maggie made about Dawn House is that they never give up on the women they serve, no matter how long they help them and no matter who else gives up on them.  President Ana thanked Maggie for a great presentation with the traditional loaf of bread.
Bingo Schedule Apr 2019 - Mar 2020

Schedule April 2019 - March 2020

Day DateTimeVolunteerVolunteer
Thursday April 11, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecHoward Lee
Thursday April 11, 201910:00 PMGreg MumfordPatty LeCollier
Thursday April 25, 20196:00 PMElizabeth CohoeRobert Reid
Thursday April 25, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecTerri Hodges
Thursday May 02, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecJohn Gale
Thursday May 02, 201910:00 PMJohn Farrow
Bill Egnatoff
Thursday May 16, 20196:00 PMRobert ReidHeather Kembel
Thursday May 16, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecAnita Mercier
Thursday June 06, 20196:00 PMElizabeth CohoeHoward Lee
Thursday June 06, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecJohn Richards
Thursday June 20, 20198:00 PMJohn GaleGreg Mumford
Thursday July 04, 20196:00 PMHeather KembelHoward Lee
Thursday July 04, 20198:00 PMHakeem SubairJohn Farrow
Thursday July 18, 20196:00 PMMartin ThomasGreta Du Bois
Thursday July 18, 20198:00 PMJohn RichardsGreg Mumford
Thursday Aug 01, 20196:00 PMHeather KembelHoward Lee
Thursday Aug 01, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecJohn Gale
Thursday Aug 29, 201910:00 PMJohn FarrowMurray Cotton
Thursday Sept 05, 20198:00 PMMurray CottonTerri Hodges
Thursday Sept 05, 201910:00 PMRick FiedorecGreg Mumford
Thursday Sept 19, 20196:00 PMMurray CottonRobert Reid
Thursday Sept 19, 20198:00 PMRick Fiedorec 
Thursday Oct 03, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecMurray Cotton
Thursday Oct 03, 201910:00 PMBill Egnatoff 
Thursday Oct 24, 20196:00 PMMartin ThomasJohn Richards
Thursday Oct 24, 20198:00 PMRick Fiedorec 
Thursday Oct 31, 20196:00 PMElizabeth Cohoe 
Thursday Oct 31, 20198:00 PMRick Fiedorec 
Thursday Nov 14, 20196:00 PMRobert ReidJohn Richards
Thursday Nov 14, 20198:00 PMRick Fiedorec 
Thursday Dec 12, 20196:00 PMRobert ReidHeather Kembel
Thursday Dec 12, 20198:00 PMRick FiedorecMurray Cotton
Thursday Dec 26, 20196:00 PM  
Thursday Dec 26, 20198:00 PMBill Egnatoff 
Thursday Jan 02, 20206:00 PM  
Thursday Jan 09, 20206:00 PMMurray Cotton 
Thursday Jan 09, 20208:00 PMJohn RichardsRick Fiedorec
Thursday Jan 23, 20206:00 PM  
Thursday Feb 06, 20206:00 PMHeather KembelRobert Reid
Thursday Feb 06, 20208:00 PMMurray Cotton 
Thursday Feb 27, 20206:00 PM  
Thursday Feb 27, 20208:00 PM  
Thursday Mar 12, 20208:00 PM  
Thursday Mar 12, 202010:00 PM  
Thursday Mar 26, 20206:00 PMElizabeth CohoeHeather Kembel
Thursday Mar 26, 20208:00 PMRobert Reid 

Please send updates to Greg Mumford.
Agenda and duty roster September 17th
7:00 Registration and Greeting Members: Michelle Chatten Fiedorec
Guest: Heather Kembel
Greeter: Bernie Allard
Hall and Kitchen setup: Heather Nogrady, Ana Sutherland, Ed Thomson
Hall and Kitchen clean up: Ed Thomson, Rick Fiedorec, Jackie Blakney
7:15 Call to Order and Welcome Ana Sutherland
7:16 Rotary Invocation and Toast to the Queen Greta Dubois
7:17 Breakfast Parade Ron Pols
7:35 Welcoming of Guests and Visiting Rotarians John Gale
7:38 Centennial Vignettes Doug Townsend
7:45 Announcements and Board Positions Ana Sutherland and members
7:50 Fun Master Ron Pols
8:00 Auction Committee Update Greg Mumford. John Richards, John Farrow
8:05 Speaker Intro Zoe MacKenzie
8:07 Speaker
Judy Fyfe, Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul Society Update
on what's going on at St Vincent de Paul Society and plans for the
8:27 Speaker Thanks Greg Mumford
8:28 Draw Murray Cotton
8:30 Adjournment Ana Sutherland
Scribe: Terri Hodges
Piano: Terry Hicks