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Aug 04, 2020
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Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston

The Courier

July 21st, 2020
We meet every Tuesday 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Please join us at Odd Fellows Hall, 218 Concession Street, Kingston ON.

The Rotary Four Way Test

Is it the truth?  Is it fair to all concerned?  Will it build goodwill and better friendships?  Will it be beneficial to all concerned

Rotary Reflection

For food in a world where many walk in hunger
For peace in a world where many walk in fear
For friends in a world where many walk alone
And for the opportunity to serve others through Rotary,
May we be truly thankful!

The Loyal Toast 

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of Canada!

Acknowledgement of Territory

We are gathered on traditional Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee Territory. we are grateful to be able to join together in Rotary Fellowship on these lands.
Jul 21, 2020 7:00 AM
The Cognitive Effects of Aging
Jul 28, 2020 7:00 AM
Toastmasters - What We're All About
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Virtual Meeting Report July 14th, 2020


Visiting Rotarian - Paul Elsley - Kingston
Guests: Jorja Majury - speaker
Friends of Rotary: None this week

Member Sharing

Rick Fiedorec: Met with member Terry Hicks outside on July 6; worked at using tablet; practiced using email. Please call him and send him email with video or a picture

Fun Master -

Martin Thomas had trouble connecting to the meeting, so we went straight to happy bucks.

Happy/Sad Bucks

John Gale provided an apology buck for missing last night’s meeting about the food project because he was on a steep learning curve with Club Runner.  He couldn’t find the email list that included our Friends of Rotary.  Bill Egnatoff volunteered to clean up this page to make it easier.  Bill fined himself because the reason he had a hard time registering for the District Conference was because he didn’t read the instructions.  On a happy note, Bill and Joan delivered some food baskets and one of the recipients gave him a $5 donation.  Ana is happy because the mask project has now made $7,000.  The actual cost is $10 but a lot of people are donating more than that.  Robert Reid is happy because Caroline has now tested negative and is out of quarantine.  Robert has talked to On’a’Got’Tay and Truesdale’s Home Hardware may have a freezer for him.  The National Committee meeting will be on July 22nd.  John Farrow received an email from James Brown who offered to pay for On’a’Got’Tay’s freezer.  Rick Fiedorec invited everyone to his house to watch the paving of their street take place.  John Richards and Ann are enjoying produce from their garden.  They had a great time at their cottage last week.  They were able to visit Ann’s 101 year old mother in her retirement home.  Heather Kembel said she felt old because her daughter Evelyn turns 30 today.  They saw Graham and his partner for the first time since Christmas.  Heather Nogrady let us know about the article about the Covid 19 food project in Kingston This Week.  It has also been in the Whig.  Greta’s granddaughter Chloe has become a citizen of Australia.  Greg is happy because Howard Lee printed all the auction documents at his office, but sad because Howard is looking for a smaller office space which means that we will have to find a new spot for the auction item pick up.  Greg is happy that Tina from Rick Frasso’s office has done a terrific job as usual updating the auction website.


Covid 19 Food Project Update:  Ana Sutherland informed us that there have been enough donations to see the project through the summer.  There were 200 baskets delivered this week.  We need to continue to promote the project.  The masks and bandanas are part of this project. 
Robinson Community Garden is nearing harvest time and they will need volunteers to prepare the vegetables for the baskets.  This will be in about two weeks and will take place at the gardens.  Let Ana know if you are interested in volunteering.  She will notify everyone by email when the time has come to harvest.
Ana and John Gale attended a meeting of the Rotary Club of Madras Channapatna India for their installation of the new directors.
Supporting Newcomers will be having a Zoom get together on July 23rd at 5:30 p.m.  Let Ana know if you would like an invitation link.  The theme will be folklore and traditions.
Registration for the District Conference (October 16 – 18) is now available on the District website.  It is free but you need to register for the breakout sessions. 
The Kingston Police Service is now open for in person CPIC processing but it can all be done online on their website.  It seems that they are no longer waiving the fee for community volunteers so you can just submit the application online.
Greg gave an overview of the auction.  He has now sent an email to all the donors from 2018 and 2019 who have an email address.  All members received a copy of the content of this letter.  Greg has taken hard copies of the sponsorship information and donor information to John Farrow at Kingston Dodge.  Note that we will have competition with other auctions this year.  The Kingston Club will be having an auction as well so we need to start moving.
Bingo will be reopening at some date in the future, but with paid staff only.  The community groups who usually volunteer will be receiving a share of the profits the same as if we were there.
Rick Fiedorec, Treasurer
E-transfer is now available; send payments for fines, dues, etc.; anything for which a charitable receipt is not needed. For Foundation donations, if you wish a charitable receipt, donate directly.
Rotary masks are great when soliciting for Rotary.

President's Announcements

There will be a Centenary Committee meeting, Monday, July 27th.

Missed from year end meeting

There was an oversight in the meeting report for our year end meeting on June 23rd.
Several important awards were not reported - sorry for the oversight -ed.

Year End Awards 2019-2020

Bernie Allard received Pin of recognition for Perfect Attendance for 41 years
Terry Hicks Received Pin of recognition for Perfect Attendance for 31 years
Two Members of Cataraqui Kingston Rotary Club were awarded with Avenues of Service Awards.
Both Members are so deserving of these awards and it was my honor as President to present the Nominations to the District Governor.
Greg Mumford was nominated by Elizabeth Cohoe and seconded by President Ana Sutherland.
There are four areas of Service that Greg was recognized for.
Community Service, Vocational Service and Youth Services.
Greg Mumford has been a member of Cataraqui Kingston Rotary Club for 9 years. He is present at club meeting except for times of vacation. He is hands on to assist in setting up the hall for the meetings. He is a Board Member and extremely supportive of the President, as well as a great Mentor - there are times that his advice is requested. His life experiences allows for clear thinking and delicate handling of situations, always considering the effect and managing expectations. He is always promoting a spirit of kindness and great fellowship.
His biggest contribution to the club as Co-Chair of the Auction Committee. This is by far our biggest Fundraiser of the year. We are now in our 23rd Annual Auction. With Greg's leadership our club raised an average of $50,000 for the past 5 years. His Leadership is getting most of the members involved and getting amazing results. This is a Community event which requires business community sponsors, supporters, donors and community bidders.
Greg gets involved in Community Service. He is extremely active and organizes Bingo for our Club; He volunteers for Lunch by George to serve meals to Kinston’s homeless for the Christmas event: He volunteers as mentor for Pathways to Education in the Rotary FAR project. Greg also volunteers at St Francis of Assissi School dealing with kids at elementary Level.
Greg has chaired the Youth Services Committee and he has assisted in organizing the Adventures Series program – specifically the Adventures in History – held in Kingston for the last 5 years. Greg is active in seeking candidates to the RYLA program.
He says “yes” to many projects that club members organize and supports actions fully.
He is a generous supported to the Rotary Foundation, and a recipient of Paul Harris +7.
Elizabeth Cohoe was Nominated by Ana Sutherland after a conversation with Paul Malo.Elizabeth was Nominated for Community Service and Club Service Awards.
Elizabeth is a true Leader in our Club. For the past 4 years Elizabeth has been Director of Service Projects Committee which encompasses the following Sub Committees: National Committee; Community Services Committee, Auction Committee; and International Committee. She also is a member of these committees and is the secretary for the committees taking notes and preparing the minutes of each meeting. She is Past President of our Club for the 2013/2014 Rotary Year. She has held the position of Chair for many Committees of our Club.
Elizabeth gives freely of her time to support each committee and keeping the spirit of Rotary present at each meeting with reminders of protocol of meeting; club mandate as per annual goals; supporting new members during their initial years as Rotarians. This began when Elizabeth Chaired the Membership Committee. Elizabeth abides by, and exemplifies the Rotary’s Four Way Test.
Elizabeth is present at club meetings. During her travels South, she was an annual guest at the Rotary Club of Sarasota. Florida. She is often the scribe to the weekly club meetings as well.
Elizabeth gives freely of her time volunteering at Lunch by George. It is a charity our Club supports on a regular basis, serving meals to the community's most vulnerable homeless and needy people.
After each Club meeting, Elizabeth gathers the food that has not been eaten and takes it to Lunch by George. She has discussed this activity with our club caterer and  the caterer has supplemented the breakfast buffet weekly to allow for more food to be donated.
Elizabeth led Cataraqui Kingston Club in the Rotary in Kingston Clubs Nut Drive Committee (organized and ran the product pick up).
One of Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club’s biggest Fundraisers if our Annual Auction. Elizabeth is one of the most active people in our club. In 2010 Elizabeth Chaired the Auction Committee and has been active member since then. She gathers the most gifts from the local business community to be auctioned. She helps posting images of the gifts on-line on the Auction web site. As she gathers these gifts, she is a great promoter of our club to our Community. She will take the time to explain the Service work of our club and its involvement in any projects to the members of our business community. She attends the Auction Committee Meetings and scribes the minutes as well.
Elizabeth is a Benefactor to Rotary Foundation, and she is also a EREY contributor to the Rotary Foundation and Polio Plus
This is Elizabeth’s Rotary History
October 17, 2006 Inducted
2006 - assigned to the Community Service Committee
2007 - on Community Service Committee
2008 - Chair of Membership Committee - on Auction Committee
2009 - Chair of Membership Committee - on Auction Committee
2010 - Co-chair then Chair of Auction (other co-chair dropped out)
2011 - Chair of Auction Committee then on the committee to 2020
2012 - President
2013 - Past Pres - may have been on Youth Service
2014 - on Youth Service Committee
2015 - on Youth Service Committee
2016 - 2020 - Chair of Service Projects
2017 - 2020 member of National/Regional Committee
2018 - on inter club Nut Drive Committee (organized and ran the product pick up)
2020 - will be recording secretary of board.

Chase the Ace!

Returning next week!!!!!

Meeting notes by Elizabeth Cohoe
RYLA 2020 report
Greg Mumford introduced Paul Elsley, one of our speakers.  Paul is the President of the Rotary Club of Kingston, and is a real example of Service Above Self.  It was Paul with his affiliation to Isthmus who brought the Covid 19 food project together, and he is also involved in a back pack project every fall.  Paul has been Bill Egnatoff’s partner in Adventures in History, and with his connections to the schools, he has been instrumental in getting students to attend Rotary youth programs.  He took over RYLA when it came to Kingston three years ago, and took it virtual this year.  Paul is going to be assisted by Jorja Majury, who is a student who attended RYLA this year. 
RYLA 2020:
RYLA occurred in May from the 29th to the 31st.  It’s always difficult to find a time that works for all the school boards with differing exam and course schedules. 
The rationale for Rotary Youth Programs is schools are less able to provide enrichment programs, and these experiences can be transformational.  They build cultural literacy and provide a place to form life-long friendships.  Youth programs are integral with the Rotary International ethos.  They also serve as a place to expose youth to Rotary and eventually have a relationship with Rotary.  Paul attended RYLA as a student in 1975, and he has also found that many of today’s members were introduced to Rotary through youth programs.
Recruitment is also a challenge  – this doesn’t work without including schools in the process.  The idea is that it should be a collaboration between Rotary and the schools.  We should also invite youth who have attended a program to come and speak at a club meeting.
Numbers – There were 53 students, representing 25 Rotary Clubs in District 7040 and 7010.  They were 15 – 18 years old, between their third year in high school to their final year, and there were 13 male students and 40 were female.  There were 12 from the USA and 41 from Canada.  A unique benefit of being online is that American students can participate without the hassles of border crossing!
Location – This is the last year in the cycle for Kingston.  RYLA will move to Montreal next year.
Key Personnel – Leaders came from multiple Rotary Clubs and Rotaract Clubs.
Hurdles – This year, the Covid 19 pandemic made recruitment a challenge because the schools were physically closed.  It made it more difficult to connect with the delegates.  There were technical challenges due to running the program virtually.  Typically, we can engage with students within a classroom setting but this wasn’t possible.
Opportunities – There were some benefits in the way RYLA was held.  Kids are familiar with technology.  Costs were reduced and some logistical problems with the international border didn’t exist.  Time commitment was limited, 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.  The potential number of participants was unlimited.  The fee was $100 rather than $500 so some clubs sponsored multiple students. 
Jorja took over and talked about her experience as an attendee.  She found that the speakers were amazing, and she gained confidence in talking to and meeting people.  She learned a lot about leadership, identifying her own leadership style and skills.  The participants developed a project called Fitness 4 Food that is going to raise money for the Covid 19 food project. 
Paul said that being in charge of RYLA has been a rewarding experience.  There was a lot of collaboration between Rotary Clubs, and seeing it evolve over three years was interesting, as it improved every year.  There was great support received from the schools as well as the Rotary Clubs.
For the Fitness 4 Food project the students will be choosing an activity and then looking for pledges.  Jorja was asked to send an email that will be forward to all of our members. 
During the question period, we learned that Greg Mumford has known Jorja for about 10 years, as it was her grandfather Greg Hasted who brought Greg into Rotary. 
John Gale thanked our speakers, pointing out that this year’s theme for Rotary is “Rotary Brings Opportunities”.  This presentation showed that Rotary brings opportunities to Rotarians as well as youth.  John also noted that the Rotary FAR project wants to establish an Interact Club.