What types of initiatives has the Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston funded?
We are looking to fund innovative community service projects related to Rotary International's seven areas of focus (see Our Causes and Supporting the environment).
Please visit our website, www.ckrotary.org and its Community Service Project Grants page to find out about other local projects that we have supported.
Are there projects that you will not consider for funding?

Rotary is a non-political, non-religious service club organization that welcomes diversity in its members. The guiding principles of Rotary are reflected in the Four-Way Test and in the Object of Rotary (see the Rotary Guiding Principles).

We do not provide funding to cover operational budgets and will only consider requests for funds that support a specific project currently under way or one you would like to start.

We are committed to service projects that reflect Rotary values and make a difference in one of Rotary International's seven areas of focus (see Our Causes and Supporting the environment). 

Specifically, we will not fund projects that:
  • promote or encourage a specific religious belief or single-faith-based initiative;
  • are associated with any political party or government entity;
  • do not address needs of humanity; or
  • are divisive, discriminatory, oppressive, or criminal.
If my organization is not a registered charity, should I still apply for a grant?
Yes. We recognize that many not-for-profit organizations are doing work in our community that is worthy of support. Charitable organizations are one type of not-for-profit.
Why are you only accepting grant proposals via an online form?

Our Rotary Club is entirely volunteer-based. Accepting grant proposals by means of an online form enables us to share the information quickly and efficiently with our committee members.

How will we know if we are successful with our grant proposal?

Before making a final decision, we may request a meeting with the top applicants to discuss their proposals directly. Our Community Service Projects Committee chair will then contact all our successful grant recipients as soon as possible after the final adjudication.

Unsuccessful organizations will be notified at the same time.
Are there other opportunities for receiving financial support from the Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston?
Our community service project grant applications will be accepted at two times of the year, spring and fall. See the guidelines for actual deadlines.
If our application is successful, when will we receive our grant money? All successful grant applicants will be invited to a special Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston meeting. We will present cheques to each successful organization and give you an opportunity to make a brief presentation to our club members about your project. This is an exciting time and we want to celebrate our partnership!
If our project requires government approval to begin, can we still apply for a grant?

We understand that to be successful many partners may be involved in a project. It is important that your grant proposal identify any limitations or potential “no go” concerns. Our analysis of grant proposals includes the timing of the initiative and the duration of the project; it is an important factor that we need to know about.

If your organization is awaiting government approvals to begin your project you may wish to apply for a grant at a different time or consider other funding partners.
Can individuals or families apply for a grant? No. We accept grant proposals only from not-for-profit organizations.

Community Service Project Grant Application Guidelines

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