Posted by Elizabeth Cohoe on Dec 03, 2019
Ana reviewed the board positions that need to be filled.  There have been conversations with someone who may be interested in President Elect but this is not confirmed.  Elections will take place at the December 17th meeting. 
Positions to fill, are:  President Elect, Secretary, Director of Service Projects.  Membership is also due for a changeover.  Greg will carry forward one more year for Youth Service, while mentoring someone else to take over next year.
Ana called for volunteers.  There were no volunteers so some "persuasion" will have to take place.  Ana will chair Membership if Rick Frasso doesn’t carry on for another year. Ana called for nominations from the floor and there were none at the time. 
Elizabeth described Director of Service Projects as not being onerous.  It is mainly a job in which you organize and delegate, and find members willing to lead a project.  You attend board meetings to report.  There is one possible replacement but a further conversation is needed.  Elizabeth will follow up. 
The Secretary records the board meeting minutes and also communicates with the District by inputting  data for members.  We don’t record attendance.  Make ups no longer need to be within two weeks of a missed meeting, and can be any time during the Rotary year. 
We are a small club and for that we do phenomenal service.  Ana urged people to come forward to participate in the running of the club. 
We will bring this back on December 17th when elections will take place.
Treasurer’s Report:
Rick gave us a clear picture of where the club stands financially at the moment.
He is pleased to announced that we have been able to get our records caught up due to hiring a bookkeeper.  Missing pieces of information have been found.  This will all be presented to the board next week.  All of the information that Rick presented is available on Club Runner, and Rick urged members to go there.  Go to the members only area and you will be on the Admin page, click on view club documents.   The CK Rotary Financial Statements are there. Choose which document you want to view and note any questions you may have.
Rick explained carry overs from last year.  The new meeting venue has improved our finances in that regard, and he thanked Ana for finding it.
The Friendship Exchange is not a separate committee.  $6K is still there from trip to India and it will be used for the Indian visit here.  No club funds go into the Friendship Exchange.  We will have Australians here in June 2021. 
Auction:  Currently no money has been transferred from Pay Pal.  We do that when all the payments have been made.  We expect about $40K to be the bottom line.
Bingo will probably bring in about $20K this year. 
With calendars and nut drive we may have another $2K for next year.  The Auction down about $7K from last year.  Mostly sponsorships were down.  We need to work on this next year, and although Murray Cotton did a great job of getting sponsors, we need everyone’s influence there.  Not just Murray.
Local Projects has around $10K left for spring grants if the committee decides to accept proposals at that time.  The Tipi Moza project and Martha’s Table were split with the National Committee.
International Projects has about $2,000US not committed.  The Pathways project is included under International because a global grant has been applied for.  That money ($15K) was transferred to International.  You can make donation to this K2021 project through The Rotary Foundation.  The project needs to have a global grant number first in order to do that.  John Farrow (Foundation Chair) will send out an email to members about this.  We can also put donations through the Kingston club and get receipt.  If project is not approved you can reverse it or put into a different project.  If you really want tax receipt for this year you can do it that way but the Kingston Club will get the Foundation credit.  The preferred method is to go through the Foundation after the Pathways project gets assigned a project number. 
National Projects:  Currently there is about $4K unspent.  National includes our bursary at SLC.  Number 9 gardens is a 2021 project.  The most recent project supported was explained by Elizabeth.  Dark Spark uses song writing, recording of pop songs storytelling to empower youth to reduce prejudice and promote cross-cultural understanding.  Their current project is taking place on Tyendinaga this week.
Youth Service:  Adventures in history cost about $28.  Bill Egnatoff did a great job getting local businesses to make donations in kind to keep the cost down. 
Foundation Committee has about $300 left in their budget.
Club Administration is somewhat intertwined with Membership.  There is a negative situation in Club admin but a surplus in Membership.  The General Account overall surplus is about $1,400.  We need 20 members at meetings to break even.  Today there were 15.  This is being balanced with 50:50 and happy bucks.  Ana orders breakfasts for 20.  The Mermaid Avenue Sandwich Factory caters and they are aware that we take our leftovers to Lunch by George.  For this reason, they have been sending extra.  This also is a buffer if have extra guests.  The venue costs us $50.  If you are upgrading your laptop, the club could use a new laptop, and John Farrow can arrange to scrub the hard drive. 
Please go to Club Runner to view the details of what has been reported.
Rick would like to end the Rotary year with a $2K surplus in general account.
Rick is doing a great job as treasurer and an appropriate applause followed his presentation.