John Gale on the Pathways Rotary Centennial Proposal
After last week's presentation on the Pathways Project, this week was dedicated for questions and discussion.  The major questions and answers are presented in point form.
Why this project?
John suggested that we should ask 3 questions:
  1. Why is it a good project for Kingston? It is transformative for the North End of Kingston. Alleviating poverty one family at a time. Re-imagining what they can be. Bringing hope to families.
  2. Why is it a good project for Rotary? Hits all of sweet spots for Rotary. Eligible for Global Grants, linking with clubs in East Africa and India.
  3. Why is it a Centennial Project? Something that will leave a legacy. Will transform the North End and what Rotary is about. More enduring than building a park.
Greg Mumford added that it is “transformative” in the community because it brings other aspects of the community in to support. The project gives us the capability to orchestrate service beyond Rotary.
John Gale: Partnering with Pathways. Build on their success. Another multiplier.
John Farrow asked for clarification of how our funds will be allocated.
Rick Fiedorec responded that we will hear about all nine projects. Some require small funds. We will need to increase the funds that we already allocated for the Rotary Centennial ($10,000) to fund Pathways, (ed. note: probably by 10k)
John Gale: Initially we need to pledge funds. If accepted, then we need to pay. The Pathways project could begin next September 2019.
Bernie: Will we be ready to be first in line for District Funding?
John Gale: To get all multipliers, we’re looking at $15,000 from District. It is currently available. He has talked with Bette Miller about the project and funds that would be requested.
Robert Reid: Every Rotarian will be asked to contribute individually. Those donations can be donated specifically or to collective pool.
Sigi: What would mentorship look like (with Pathways)?
Roger (from Pathways) gave examples of things that mentors did with students. After that, the Pathways students want to give back. Working with Rotary as volunteers and in continued mentorship could be a great way to do that while they are in post-secondary programs.
Other Centennial Projects
John Richards: For the Centennial, will there be one project or multiple?
John Gale: Could be multiple. One club needs to be host club to get matching funds.
Rick: For several years, we’ve been looking for a big project. This is a possibility.
Elizabeth Cohoe: What is being proposed is a beginning, a new way of thinking for our club. We can do so much more.
Ana: What we saw in India is that Rotarians were right in, knowing the people who were benefiting. The Pathways project could be like that. It could be sustainable not only for the community but for our club.
Howard: What about the other projects? Are they about celebrating Rotary or are they ongoing?
Rick Fiedorec: Every one of them is sustainable. The Pathways project is initially for three years, and if successful, should be sustainable.
What about the students?
John Farrow, to guests from Pathways: Are these high school graduates going into any particular areas? Where are they going? The trades? If so, that could lead to other partners.
Wendy (from Pathways): Everywhere, but concentration to St. Lawrence College. Often without parental awareness. The Pathways program helps students to make informed choices. About half go to St. Lawrence College. The portion going to university is increasing. Pathways has been encouraging the Construction Association to take on students to orient them to the trades. The portion of Pathways students now taking academic level courses is double the provincial average.
Anita: to build on comments by Roger and Wendy, the pre-Pathways graduation rate was 40%. Pathways rate is now 75%
Bill: Greg and I interviewed a Pathways student for Adventures in Citizenship. We were amazed at the strength of this candidate, who explained the many ways that Pathways had helped her define her goals and succeed at school and community service. Her story was a model Pathways success story. We will offer to sponsor her for RYLA.
John Gale: For putting in our funds, we will get a 5x multiplier. Should decide soon to confirm international partners, and then need 2-3 months to develop the proposal.
Greg & Rick: Let’s work to get all of our members out for this very important meeting next week. Could vote the following week.
John Gale presented our Pathways guests with a loaf of bread in thanking them for being with us.