Cataraqui-Kingston Rotarians Step Up to Facilitate COVID-19 Vaccination

March 10th, C-K Rotary members and friends began screening and ushering Kingstonians attending the Mass Immunization Clinic at the Invista Centre. They're part of a team from all four Kingston Clubs and two Rotaract Clubs covering two volunteer posts for the entire time, seven days a week, that the clinic is open.
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It only took a few days for Rotarians and friends to fill two full volunteer shift positions as screeners and ushers at the newly established Mass Immunization Clinic at the Invista Centre in Kingston. Our own club of 31 members at the time of the call, generated 18 volunteers, some of whom began as soon as the clinic opened, Wednesday March 10th and others of whom will serve once they have had an opportunity to be vaccinated themselves. As with much of the work done by our club, we joined forces with the other three Rotary Clubs and two Rotaract Clubs, each with a point person.

Soon after the initial call, our Rotary coordinator began providing us with detailed information on preparation and on the operation of the clinic. We received almost daily updates and the clinic swung into action and adjusted to changes in vaccine supply and distribution decisions, response from those eligible for vaccination, and refinements to operation.

Rotarians had already been involved in other areas of service related to exigencies of COVID-19. Our club joined the other clubs in expanding our work on food security, increasing our support of food boxes and kitchens. Helping with vaccination was a natural next step.

How do Rotarians view this work?

“This is one of the most important ways we can serve our community at this time.”

“The operation is very well organized and everyone on staff and volunteers are very helpful and accommodating of changes made to improve the process and ensure safety.”