Posted on Jun 25, 2019
President Rick called the “Rick Fiedorec Good Riddance Party” to order, and Terry Hicks led us in Oh Canada, sans piano.  President-Elect Ana led the dinner parade, making sure Paul Malo’s table went last (it’s a tradition).  A wonderful dinner with lively conversation followed, as members introduced significant others to newer members and Friends of Rotary.
After dinner Ana made several announcements before the ceremonies began.  Following Acknowledgement of Territory, a member was selected from each table to introduce guests.  Wednesday several members were at Loughborough Public School, inaurgurating an outdoor classroom space.  An elder spoke to the children.  Thanks to Janza for facilitating this project.  See the link to the story in the Kingstonist -  .  The Club has been recognized for our contribution with an inscribed stone.
Pathways to Education had their graduation ceremony at St. Lawrence College on Friday June 21st, with Ana, Ed Thompson and President Rick in attendance.  President-elect Ana described it as a heartwarming event where 54 grads received their diplomas.  We look forward to working more with Pathways. 
Finally, Heather Nogrady volunteered at the Skeleton Park Arts Festival, representing our club.  Thanks Heather!
President Rick reflected on the past Rotary year, thanking everyone for their support, and specifically mentioning his spouse Michelle and the Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  Rick also thanked Maya for being part of out family.  Rick presented a small (liquid) token of appreciation to all, making Elizabeth “sing for her supper” as she presented a condensed version of the Service Projects report, elaborating on why and how we do the things we have been involved with.  The breadth of what we have done with fewer members is amazing.  The full report (or novel as Elizabeth calls it) will be sent to all members.
Then the serious hardware was handed out!  Rick Frasso and Ana Sutherland presented a thirty year perfect attendance pin to Terry Hicks, and recognized Bernie Allard (41 years) who was away in Nova Scotia (of course Bernie will have a make up).  Paul Harris recognition was conferred on five members by Greta and President Rick – Elizabeth Cohoe, John Farrow, John Gale, Greg Mumford, and Terry Hicks (Rick’s choice).  Greta Dubois and Ana Sutherland were very deserving recipients of Rotarian of the Year Awards.  After exchanging Past-President and new President pins, Ana introduced the new and returning Board members and Committee Chairs, and remarked that the theme of Rotary Connects the World is something we already doing in spades.
And of course, “Chase the Ace” was on the menu.  The high-pressure job of pulling tickets was granted to Lori Farrow, and after 20 unsuccessful attempts and only 4 cards left, Terri Hodges found the elusive Ace and won $400.