This morning Director Heather Nogrady presented grants totalling $16,871to the following recipients;
A.  The Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library
Project title:  Music in the Schools
$7,910 for a 19-piece Suzuki-Orff Starter set of instruments.
B. The Mess Studio
Project title:  Photography Group
$2,461 for equipment to develop skills in another medium for artistic expression.
C.  Kingston Symphony Association
Project title:  Share the Music
$2,500 to support the attendance of children and their families for a Kingston Symphony concert they could otherwise not afford. 
D.  Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs
Project title:  Service Puppy In Training
$4,000 for expenses related to the care and training of a service dog in its first year.
The full meeting can seen on our Youtube channel, at this link;
Photos follow of the meeting
Millie, the Service Dog Puppy, whom we will sponsor.
Tina Bailey, Vice President, Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs, Heather Nogrady, Chair, Community Service Committee, and Tina’s Service Dog in Training, Steve!
Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library
Terry Snider, Past President, Joe’s MILL; Denis Leroux, President, Joe’s MILL; Jan LeClaire, Co-founder, SYSTEMA Kingston, Karma Tomm, Director, SYSTEMA Kingston.
Andrea Haugton, General Manager, The Kingston Symphony Association,  and Sandi Dodds, Executive Director, The Mess Studio attended via Zoom.