Sutherland introduced our speaker Mara Shaw, who is the Executive Director of the National Farmers Union of Canada.  Before her presentation Mara gave us an update on her daughter Karena whom we all know.  She is attending Carleton University now, and is Co-President of their Rotaract Club.
Speaker Points:
  • The National Farmers Union is not really a union as we know it, but a common voice for policy development. For example, it was this group that influenced the decision to keep bovine growth hormone out of Canadian milk.
  • Our food system is fragile, and during Covid 19, farmers have been adapting. Consumers are preferring local sources and farmers’ markets are important for this.At this time, may have turned to online sales.
  • The NFU is concerned about the issue of migrant workers.
  • The NFU is committed to combat racism, they have called for universal child care and pharmacare, they have stood with farmers in India, and are working on climate solutions.
  • Their website is
Speaker thanks was provided by John Farrow.