My parents immigrated to Canada in 1953, and I was born in Toronto 6 months later. Hard work and saving every penny made them successful with a restaurant. Even if business was slow sometimes, they could at least feed the family. We moved to Kingston when I was a year old. I still remember the signs we had in the restaurant window. Fish & chips 85 cents, hamburgers were 25 cents.


I attended KCVI and LCVI, I was not academic, I found I was more creative/artistic. I graduated Sheridan College in fashion design, pattern drafting, couture sewing.


In the late 70's, I moved to Edmonton. Knowing it would take time to find work in my field, I immediately found work as a cocktail waitress in a Disco and Cowboy Cabaret bar. Everything was booming in Alberta, so four months later became Head of Wardrobe of the Alberta Ballet Company. That was a huge learning experience. I went on to costuming for the Citadel theater, Banff school of fine arts and numerous costuming and touring contracts for years. Even, unexpectedly, I held musical theater in prison, in Lethbridge Alberta and one in the Yellowknife prison. My parents were aging and getting ill, so I moved back to Ontario in 1989. Unfortunately there was not a lot of work in my field during the Conservative government.


My brother in law Peter Splinter, used to complain about unscrupulous real estate agents. I took the real estate courses thinking I could make a living as an honest agent. Unfortunately, I became an agent as the market dropped in 1989. I spent many years helping people, who paid too much in the years before -to sell their homes in a down market. I used to paint and stage homes to show the home's potential. I enjoyed it but ten years was long enough for me.

I then studied herbalism and many aspects of natural healing and explored Reiki, I found that I had been able to ease pain for others since I was a child. I opened the Herb Store in 2000. Corner of Johnson and Frontenac. I had so many plans for this shop. Even created raised gardens and a teaching area out back of the shop. Two years into it, my family needed me to help with the apartment buildings. They were a mess. All in need of renovations and improving the income stream.

With help, I learned the business fast. 32, 2- 3 bedroom apartments. I gutted and renovated 4 bathrooms and kitchens a summer, from May to before Septembers occupancies.  I learned to paint, tile, drywall, lay flooring, change toilets, etc, etc, dealing with building codes and inspectors, leasing and tenant issues. 

2019 I retired, sold my building 3 months before the pandemic.

2020 I joined Rotary, I appreciate being able to join my energies with such a respected and effective network of great people.