Heather was introduced this morning by Michelle Chatten Fiedorec. Michelle prefaced her introduction of Heather with a history of Rotary Fireside Chats/Classification talks. This “Getting to know You” event was conducted by Michelle and Heather in an interview format.
Heather reported;
• She was introduced to our Rotary Club about 2 years ago by Greg Mumford (Thank you, Greg!!) and became a “Friend of Rotary”
• At the encouragement of Ana Sutherland, after having enjoyed her initial meetings with Rotary, Heather became a full Member of our Club in 2019
• She grew up in Montreal on the south shore and attended a small high school
• Graduated from Sir George Williams University with a degree in Science. Her first position after graduation was at Loyola College for one year where she was in charge of the first year Chemistry labs
• Heather enjoyed working so much with the students that she then attended McGill University (Macdonald College) and graduated with a Teaching Diploma – then began teaching at Macdonald High School. A few years later, she took a position in a French school board in the east end of Montreal teaching math, chemistry and general science
• Heather then applied for a Vice-Principal’s position and became the youngest VP in the board. Heather was assigned to a high school in the Italian community and was responsible for “Student Life”.
• A few years later, Heather joined her husband during his sabbatical at UCSD in San Diego, California. During this time, Heather became actively involved in the community and at the same time reflected on her career and what she enjoyed doing.
• She decided she needed a career change, left the School board, and returned to university full time and obtained a masters degree in Applied Psychology from Concordia University.
• During this time Quebec was “unsettled politically,” so Heather moved to Kingston and obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University.
At that time Heather also became actively involved with her two dogs “Books” and Pages”. “Books” ultimately won “BEST Puppy in Show!”
• Ultimately, with two colleagues, they started Kingston West Psychological Services with clients including Correctional Services and a general practice. The practice was busy and successful and work that Heather greatly enjoyed.
• After retiring in 2014, Heather began to search for new activities and involvements. Then in 2019, Heather and Greg had coffee and chatted about Rotary……Heather attended her first meeting the next Tuesday (LUCKY US !!!!!).
• Heather has become very involved in several of our committees including National, Membership, and Local Service.
Why Rotary, Heather was asked;
• Wonderful fellowship – diverse perspectives/social events
• Meaningful projects – very satisfying being of service for those less fortunate
• Heather was thanked by Ana Sutherland
• We (Heather and Ana) have become very good friends
• It was a pleasure to learn about you, your many accomplishments and your contributions over the years in Montreal, San Diego, Kingston and now with us at our Rotary Club.
Ana closed by saying that we have been enriched by Heather and her contributions to our club – Ana presented Heather with a Virtual Loaf of Bread!!