John introduced our guest speaker Joyce Hostyn to speak about Little Forests Kingston. Joyce presented a very informative graphic presentation.

Joyce wants to restore relationships with the land. There is a biodiversity crisis.

Joyce plans to build as many little forests around Kingston as possible.

Only 25% of forests remain around Kingston, and Queens is starting a project about measuring climate resilience.  We have lost 2.9 billion birds since 1970. 900 saplings have been planted on Highway 15 as part of the program. This program also ultimately helps with climate change.

This is worldwide, there are over 100 little forests planted in the Netherlands. Each one is adopted by a school.

The Little Forest movement is not just about planting trees; it is about planting forest ecosystems. A little forest can be planted in the area of 6 parking spaces.

Joyce has started a Go Fund Me page for donations.

Martin mentioned an interesting book called The Hidden Life of Trees that he recommends.

Heather thanked Joyce and wished we would all be part of this. Joyce mentioned they have a newsletter you can sign up for.

To learn more;