Martin Thomas leads the international service committee. This committee meets to discuss projects with a potential for our involvement, and monitors those in which we are already involved. Our club looks at projects that involve multiple clubs and Rotary Foundation grants. Current projects are located in several countries, and the list is long because the process takes a lot of time from start to finish. This past year, a $US account was set up in order to make tracking the committee finances easier.  Our internationally designated funds also support Shelter Box Canada, which is an offshoot of the international organization founded by Rotary in Cornwall England.

International Friendship Exchange to South Africa

Twelve Rotarians from four clubs in Kingston and Gananoque participated in a Friendship Exchange trip in October 2017 as organized by the Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston and District 9400 in South Africa.

For two weeks they were hosted in the homes of South African Rotarians; they were transported, visited cultural and natural wonders, attended meetings, saw different projects and enjoyed many fellowship events. They traveled to four different regions of District 9400. They became quickly acquainted with daily life in South Africa, the present, the past, and the people of the country. The highlight of the trip was a three-day safari in the bush.

Such Friendship Exchanges foster cooperation between clubs of different countries, involvement in International and local projects, and strong bonds not only on humanitarian but also on a personal level.

At the end of June, ten South African Rotarians from seven clubs in District 9400 were hosted by Rotarians in our region as an Exchange Rotary Friendship group.