Feb 01, 2022 7:15 AM
Tanya McCready
Winterdance Dogsled Tours

Growing up in the middle of her grandparents' farm, Tanya has adored animals and the outdoors her whole life too. Passionate about the environment she pursued a degree in Environmental Engineering at Guelph and continued on to earn her P.Eng. before deciding with Hank that their passion for the wilderness and their dogs were taking them in a different direction. As 4 children joined their family as Winterdance was started, Tanya took the management side of the business on so she could be home with the kids thanks to a home office. She has also wrote 2 books about the couples adventures and races and enjoys sharing their stories and lessons around overcoming challenges, mindset of a leader, building great teams and chasing dreams with corporations, organizations and schools.

We are delighted to welcome Tanya McCready to CK Rotary!