Posted by Bill Egnatoff
This morning the spotlight was shared by our National and Membership Committees.
National Committee Update
Ana Sutherland presented two videos and a slide show of a project that we participated in with Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth.  It was a shared presentation by Evan Barianrd (spelling?) from Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth. The Friendship Exchange Team will take this presentation to India, and speak with them about sharing a project with them. Included were interviews with the teachers and the students on benefits to them and their community. The greenhouse will support the growing of vegetables including several varieties of corn. It is a life-changing project for youth involved.
The Greenhouse Project, Wikwemkoong First Nation Greenhouse for Change is a way to provide learning opportunities for youth and food for the community. This sustainable project taught the local Indigenous youth on Manitoulin Island how to build greenhouse, working in greenhouse, planting, harvesting, composting, and making pellets for pellet stoves through harvesting forest left-overs. There are many opportunities for growth and development, and interviews with the high school students reflected their enthusiasm and the new skills they learned, from planning, constructing, and managing the greenhouse . This can really change a Nation, a village.“Not a lot of kids to have the opportunity to go out and build another part of their school, their community.” a student said. Food will will be planted in the ground, in boxes, and aerially. The greenhouse will be heated with a pellet stove. Only the south side is exposed to the elements, saving energy.
The project video will be posted soon.  Kudos to Robert and the National Committee for their great work.
Membership Committee update
Ana gave details, almost finalized, of the new membership category, Friends of Rotary. The guidelines include the privilege of attending Rotary meetings, pay as you go breakfast, participation in fundraisers, soliciting funds for Rotary projects, wearing a special badge, orientation etc. Once the terms are in final form, they will be brought forward to the Board and the Club. Dues will cover insurance and other marginal costs. Limitations: A Friend of Rotary will not be a club member, will not be a voting member of any committee, will not hold office, won’t wear the Rotary wheel. Friends will have separate name tags and badges. Being a Friend is a great beginning to Rotary, part of the continuity of being involved in Rotary. It can include corporations and other groups.
Q: Would a Friend qualify to go on a Friendship Exchange? (good discussion), but no definitive answer.
Q: Fee. A: $150/year
Q: Could they evaluate project proposals?  A: Input would be welcome but no ranking of projects would be permitted.
The Membership Committee would welcome whatever input Club members would have on this issue.