Posted on Jul 02, 2019
The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen!
Happy Rotary New Year!  Ana began here inauguraI address by thanking Past President Rick for the Rotarian of the Year Award that she shared with Greta DuBois.  She is very grateful to be recognized for her contributions to the club.
Our theme for this upcoming year is Rotary Connects the World  - let’s unite and take care of the world as a group of Rotarians.  Hakim with his world travels, John Gale with Pathways, Indian Rotarians arriving soon, Great with Friendship Exchange - we are Uniting the World!
We’re 27 members and 5 Friends of Rotary and Zoe Mackenzie is coming back as a Friend.  Rotary clubs everywhere are experiencing a decline in numbers and yet this small but mighty group at CK Rotary accomplishes so much – look to the future!  Elizabeth’s Service Projects report was 6 pages long!  We’ve been ever so quiet about the work that we do here at CK Rotary.  It’s time that we speak a little more loudly about what we do.  Get our name out there, invite people out, and please also consider mentoring younger members, as well.  We have quite a few long-term members, and that is a great resource.

There is so much to look forward to this year:  100 years of Rotary in Kingston is approaching!  And the 2 projects we’re participating in as a club, including welcoming new Canadians to Rotary, with Howard Lee helping to lead this effort.  We will hold an event to welcome new Canadians to Rotary - details to follow.  Heather Nogrady has tabled the idea of dressing the graduating class of Pathways to Education, which we are looking into. We can invite them to Rotary, helping their self esteem and showing them the possibility of Rotary.  And we’re sistering with the Rotary Club in Lagos, Nigeria.
Our new location at the Odd Fellows hall feels good and we may be able to partner with them too.  We can work with other service clubs even outside of Rotary to make thing happen.  Let's engage the organizations we give money to to help publicize the auction and build that fundraiser.  This year we will have the "Ace of Clubs" draw, because we are the Ace of Rotary Clubs.
Let’s get our classification talks going again so that we can learn more about each other on a deeper level and help each other with connections.
And let’s also start doing more social get togethers to have some fun!
Our future is bright!  Ana is looking forward to a great year
President Ana Inspires us to take the Club to new heights!
Bernie Allard receives his pin for 41 (yes 41!) years of perfect attendance!
Elizabeth starts the Fun Master duties off for the new year with a quiz about our new President.